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The Most Spiritually Literate Films of 2019 Our roundup of the best films of the year.
The Image Book (Le livre d’Image) A maddening and mesmerizing interrogation of the spiritual crisis haunting our current world.
AlphaGo A snappy and mind-boggling documentary about a 3000-year-old board game and a A.I. program.
First They Killed My Father A deeply human study of the Cambodian genocide and the brave survival of one little girl.
Cameraperson Vivid and memorable images from the career of documentary cinematography Kirsten Johnson.
Sherlock: The Abominable Bride One of the famous detective's most puzzling cases from Victorian times.
Values & Visions Guides An introduction to the Values & Visions Guides to feature films, DVDs, and books; discussion guides for personal use or small groups on spiritual themes and personal experiences.
Monk With a Camera The life and work of a Western abbot in a Tibetan monastery in India who serves as a bridge-builder.
Lucy A philosophical action drama that showcases the brain's incredible powers.
Dolphin Tale 2 A satisfying continuation of the story of the dolphin with a prosthetic tail that shows that animals have emotions and feel things deeply.