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The Calming A beguiling and meditative movie about antidotes to chaos.
Walk with Me An enchanting documentary tribute to Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and Plum Village, the monastic community he founded in 1982.
Things to Come A touching portrait of a resilient woman facing multiple challenges as she ages.
Coming Home An impressive Chinese melodrama about love, reconciliation, and the multiple meanings of home.
Awake: The Life of Yogananda A rounded portrait of the Father of Yoga in the West that celebrates his practical and uplifting art of spiritual living.
Antarctica: A Year on Ice A fascinating glimpse into the lives, habits, and philosophies of men and women who work in Antarctica.
Fading Gigolo A charming, funny and oddball drama about a gentle, quiet, and sensitive florist who knows how to give women pleasure.
Gloria A superb Chilean film about the quest of two middle-aged divorcees for lasting love.
About Time A combination romantic comedy and time travel movie that reveals what comes from a spiritual appreciation of the present moment and all its delights.
The Wall A heart-affecting tale of survival with a fierce and tender performance by Martina Gedeck.