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Therapeutic Touch Inner Workbook An explanation of Therapeutic Touch.
Why Do We Cry? Gentle and honest reassurance about the many reasons for tears.
Cultivating Compassion An accessible how-to guide with exercises to transform the mind and heart.
The Compassion Book Kernels of wisdom to practice in daily life.
Compassion A touching exploration of the life of St. Francis and how to follow his example for a more loving life.
The Compassion Revolution Stories, meditations, and other activities for becoming a force of goodness.
Compassion Is the Key to Everything Reflections on discovering who you want to be and recommendations for how to make it happen.
Circle of Compassion Simple meditations to help integrate caring for the self with caring for others.
Walter Rauschenbusch A prayer by Walter Rauschenbusch for immigrants.
Selkie A tale told entirely in pictures of a fisherman who saves a special seal and gets rescued by her in return.