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Feast Day of Hildegard of Bingen A sampling of the incredible creativity of the medieval Benedictine abbess, composer, playwright, herbalist, preacher, and mystic visionary through a movie, quotations collection, books and audios.
Birthday of Louis Armstrong To celebrate the life and exuberance of Louis Armstrong
Walt Whitman Ways to celebrate Walt Whitman's durability: read a poem and create a mantra from a favorite line.
St. Bridget’s Day Feast Ideas for celebrating St. Bridget's Day.
Bored? Resources That Speak to Your Condition
Julia A tribute to Julia Child's enthusiasm and her inimitable love of cooking.
Dinosaurs Living in MY HAIR!3 A fun, enthusiastic introduction to caring for marine life.
Transform Now Plowshares Breaking into an enriched uranium facility armed as nonviolent activists.
Only Enthusiasm A six-day program of Mussar teachings and practice on enthusiasm.
Educate Us A prayer to put Jesus's teachings into practice.