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A Year of Pagan Prayer An introduction to the Feast of Jove with an accompanying Homeric hymn.
Altruistic Joy A guided meditation to foster happiness, gladness, delight, and generosity.
Be of Good Cheer A call to practice choosing cheerfulness.
Mission: Joy - Finding Happiness in Troubled Times Two spiritual masters of the practice of joy in conversation about its relevance to our times.
The Gravity of Joy Wisdom about our need for permission to be joy-filled.
The Gravity of Joy Personal memoir and research uncovering why joy is elusive.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Celebrating Silence How can you always be happy?
The Truffle Hunters An absolutely charming cinematic romp with elders and their dogs hunting for a rare delicacy.
H is for Happiness A totally entertaining movie about a young teen who models resilience, kindness, and a vibrantly happy outlook.
The Unexpected Joy of the Ordinary An unusual list of 26 ordinary experiences to make you happy.