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Celebrate! A teaching story on a celebration of joy for Mozart.
Rejoice How rejoicing in the happiness of another person is an antidote to jealousy and a path to joy.
True Destiny Ten practices to warm the heart and fill the soul with joy.
Friendliness and Giggles A teaching story about the Dalai Lama's joy.
Birthday of Will Rogers (PDP) Remembering the cowboy philosopher who saw the funny side of politics.
Birthday of Stephen Colbert (PDP) Celebrating the comedian and Late Show host who keeps us sane in the face of jarring changes.
Joy A program for individuals and small groups on the spiritual practice of joy.
Beltane - May Day May Day celebrates the start of the bright half of the year. One of four main festivals of Celtic spirituality, it's a time to make merry.
Rejoicing in Inner Goodness and Altruistic Deeds A call to pause and consciously recognize the joy inherent in each altruistic act.
Uplifting and Settling the Mind with Altruistic Joy A meditation on the benefits of truly altruistic intent.