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Birthday of Theodore Roosevelt (PDP) A salute to maximum aliveness and the strenuous life.
Birthday of Helen Keller (PDP) Celebrate Helen Keller a woman whose zest for life is a model for us all.
Remembrance Day for Carrie Nation (PDP) Learning about the consequences of zeal from the story of a crusader against the use of alcohol.
Birthday of Nikos Kazantzakis Birthday of Nikos Kazantzakis, Writer and Spiritual Seeker
Thomas Merton, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and the Protection of All Beings Poets who wrote to liberate others.
Busyness A short meditation on letting go of what does not serve you.
Writing Your Story Guidance for turning inward and gaining strength from reflecting on your life.
The Lost Notebooks of Sisyphus A retelling of the myth of Sisyphus, showing its meaning for us today.
Not Going Quietly A portrait of a young man dying of ALS who inspires others to be heroes and urge public officials to secure health care for all
The Monastic Heart A commentary on the chapter in the Rule of Benedict spelling out the difference between fanaticism and good zeal.