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Santideva in A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life There is no merit without zeal
Young Ahmed (Le Jeune Ahmed) An intense and sobering portrait of both sides of the spiritual practice of zeal.
Passions In a story from a fourth century desert father, we learn how the soul is made strong.
Faith on the Road Connections in the writings of Jack Kerouac between vagabonding and valuing authentic work.
A Prayer for Zeal A prayer to have zeal for God, for life, for justice and for peace.
Birthday of Theodore Roosevelt (PDP) A salute to maximum aliveness and the strenuous life.
Birthday of Helen Keller (PDP) Celebrate Helen Keller a woman whose zest for life is a model for us all.
Remembrance Day for Carrie Nation (PDP) Learning about the consequences of zeal from the story of a crusader against the use of alcohol.
Zeal A program for individuals and small groups on the spiritual practice of zeal.
Novitiate An illuminating study of religious zeal set in a cloistered convent in Tennessee in the 1960s.