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Happy Feet Two A lively animated film with its quirky characters and the heroism of animals banding together in face of an eco-disaster that threatens them all.
Howards End An exquisite screen version of E.M. Forster's 1910 novel.
The Milagro Beanfield War A picaresque tale set in a small Hispanic town where a developer's idea of progress threatens to change the community completely.
Global Spirit - The Journey Toward Oneness Multifaith and scientific explorations of how we are connected to all creation and the universe itself.
Global Spirit - Oneness: The Big Picture An exploration of the complex subject of "oneness" by scientists and spiritual seekers.
The Dish The fascinating story of three Australian scientists and their work with NASA to transmit images of the Apollo XI landing on the moon to the waiting world.
Independence Day The ultimate special effects spectacular.
Catfish in Black Bean Sauce A creative comedy about a young man and his extended family that reflects the tipsy cross-cultural tensions between various ethnic groups in Los Angeles.
Prelude to a Kiss A spellbinding romantic drama about love and the mysterious ways we experience unity with others.
That Sinking Feeling A breezy escape with just the right dash of whimsy.