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M. Basil Pennington, Listening: God's Word for Today To have enough lucidity to beg forgiveness of God
Deborah L. Johnson, Your Deepest Intent To forgive is among the most challenging things
M. Basil Pennington, Listening: God's Word for Today Should I sit in judgment when my own sins trail behind me?
Sue Monk Kidd, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter There is no healing without forgiveness
Anthony de Mello, The Heart of the Enlightened They still have you in prison
Jean Vanier, Drawn into The Mystery of Jesus Forgiveness is the road to peace
Erik Kolbell, Were You There? Forgiveness is fundamental to justice
Rabbi Zalman Schacter Shalomi, The Second Half of Life Eternal Friend, I hereby forgive anyone who hurt me
Eknath Eswaran, How To End Suffering The more you can forgive others, the more you will be able to forgive yourself.
Honey J Rubin, Compassion On the wings of forgiveness