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River of Offerings A beautifully written and photographed account of the importance of the sacred Ganges River in South Asian devotional life.
Voices from Larung Gar A spur to equality for women in Tibetan Buddhism.
Voices from Larung Gar An anthology illustrating ways in which monks and nuns are engaging modern social issues.
Heart Medicine Skills and practices to find freedom from traumatic pain.
Living Is Dying What to do if a dying person has a hard time letting go.
Living Is Dying Tibetan wisdom for dying well and living in the awareness that we will one day die.
Becoming the Compassion Buddha Robina Courtin on the foundation for building true love and compassion.
The Buddhist on Death Row The remarkable story of a prisoner's transformation into a bodhisattva.
Peaceful Heart A substantive look at how patience can be an antidote to aggression and help us maintain a peaceful heart.
Peaceful Heart An introduction to how patience removes obstacles to our having an open and tender heart.