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Invoking the Divine A call to make invoking the Divine a part of your daily life.
Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times A practical resource to help you build your own spiritual routine.
The Way of Suffering A multidimensional collection of essays, stories, and poems about the manifold meanings and challenges accompanying suffering.
Eye of the Heart A masterful presentation of a map of the cosmos with a focus on the energy exchanges between the visible and invisible worlds.
Transmute Your Doubt Advice on how to transform your experience of doubt.
A New Silence Some helpful aspirations for writing a code of conduct for your life.
A New Silence A treasure-trove of prayers and practices for the contemplative life.
Affirmations for Health, Well-being and Self-esteem Affirmations for a holy relationship with ourselves, God, and everyone we meet.
Healing Affirmations Affirmations for strengthening our faith in ourselves and God.
Trusting God Affirmations for trusting in God and surrendering to God's will.