Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat's bestselling book Spiritual Literacy is an unprecedented collection of "aha!" passages by teachers of all spiritual traditions that reveal the sacred meanings in today's world. For this exquisite 6 DVD series, award-winning filmmaker David Cherniack has married those inspiring words to sense-luscious visuals and emotionally vibrant music, creating 26 meditative and soul-stirring half-hour films. Here is a wedding of spirituality and imagination sure to guide, challenge, comfort, and encourage you on your journey.

This innovative series is organized around a new alphabet of 26 spiritual qualities of mind and heart for practicing spirituality in everyday life. Purchase individual DVDs or the entire series.

Volume 5 is comprised of four half-hour episodes:

Reverence: The sacred is in, with, and behind everything in the world. Writers respond with such gestures as bowing to an orchid and sweeping a city street.
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Shadow: In the spiritual life, everything belongs, even our dark sides. A classic story about St. Francis and some contemporary examples show us why.
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Transformation: All the traditions say we can transcend our past and do a new thing. Transformation could occur while you are making coffee or listening to Hindi film music.
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Unity: Everything is interconnected. This truth is experienced in mystical moments at the edge of a polluted river, in the office, and holding a wooden kitchen spoon.
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