Book Reviews

More Together Than Alone A masterwork on community animated by visionary vigor, philosophical rigor, a cross-cultural purview, and a poetic sensibility. Unity
People Get Ready A call to politicians and citizens to address the loss of work and rising economic inequality. Vision
How to Raise Kind Kids Creation of a positive family culture where virtues like kindness and respect are upheld. Kindness
How Democracy Ends An insightful analysis of democracy's mid-life crisis and the factors contributing to its death rattle. Meaning
Richard Rohr Teachings from a Franciscan priest designed to awaken us to the awareness that love is the foundation of everything. Love
The Courage Way An overview of successful programs for cultivating courage among individuals and groups. Meaning
The Ashokan Way Lyrical and pensive essays on the beauty and bounties of place. Attention
You Are Special A sampler of spiritual wisdom from the beloved host of the public television show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Love
The Life of Yogananda A biography covering the life and work of India's spiritual ambassador to the West. Teachers
Morning Homilies IV The Pope's insights into Catholicism's resiliency and liberating values. Hope
On the Brink of Everything Reflections on gaining insights and finding new ways to engage with life as we age. Teachers
Good Neighbors A creative and enlightening book on neighbors, democratic public life, and the rigors and toxins of politics in America Hope
In Search of Wisdom Wisdom shared by three seed persons who have a firm grasp on what is important. Meaning
Unbelievable Ways of reshaping and renewing twenty-first century Christianity Faith
Being Black A Zen teacher's perspective on Buddhist teachings, including how to be a bridge-builder. Grace
Creation and the Cross Theologian Elizabeth Johnson hears the planet knocking on the door and wonders whether we will let her into our hearts or not. Love
Radical Love Terse and wondrous poems from the mystical Islamic path Love
The Art of the Wasted Day A good case for daydreaming, reverie, and solitude. Being Present
Midwives of an Unnamed Future A spiritually rich collection of mini-retreats for women seeking transformation and personal renewal. Devotion
Spiritual Places A beautifully illustrated tour of the spiritual significance of sites around the world. Devotion