Book Reviews

Brave Talk Reframes the use of differences in conversations. Openness
Why We're Polarized A brilliantly insightful explanation of how negative partisanship has reshaped the political landscape in the United States. Meaning
Real Change One of today's leading Buddhist teachers on spiritual tools for activism. Compassion
The Joy of Simplicity A lively collection of verbal gems. Being Present
The Unexpected Joy of the Ordinary A tribute to all the commonplace, run-of-the-mill experiences that can bring joy into your life. Joy
Ledger A soulful poet's observations on the human condition and the world situation. Attention
Secrets of Divine Love A substantive and sweet overview of Islamic understandings of God's unconditional love and mercy. Faith
The Power of Ritual A handbook of traditional and new ways to turn everyday activities into rituals. Connections
The Politics Industry An incredibly insightful analysis of the U.S. political system and a call for political innovation. Shadow
Biophilia You + Nature + Home Beautifully illustrated book packed with ideas for bringing the outside inside to your home or workplace. Connections
Awestruck A wide-ranging exploration of the benefits of awe experiences. Reverence
The Sirens of Mars A scientist's enthusiastic overview of why humans keep trying to reach Mars. Questing
The Cornel West Reader An outstanding overview of the thought, theory, and commitments of the African-American public intellectual. Meaning
The Language Your Body Speaks Self-Healing with Energy Medicine Nurturing
Non Obvious Megatrends The trend-curator's prognostications about the what's happening that will shape the future. Meaning
Strange Rites An incredible, adventuresome and encyclopedic overview of seven types of post-religions in America Meaning
Thank You for Voting A handy and important nonpartisan resource for this Presidential election year. Meaning
The Third Reconstruction A compelling exploration of the need for collective moral action for social justice. Justice
We Are Called to Be a Movement A rousing sermon about the need to join together. Justice