Book Reviews

Can American Capitalism Survive? A presentation of the challenges to be faced and reforms needed to restore faith democracy, business, and equality. Justice
100 Amazing Facts About the Negro A spunky and impressive glimpse into black history. Meaning
The Poisoned City A shocking glimpse of the ethically troubling and wobbly state of democracy in America today. Justice
The War on Normal People A new war that has already taken a heavy toll on workers. Meaning
The Hidden Meaning of Birds A marvelous collection of teachings associated with many different kinds of birds. Meaning
Good Mornings A buoyant and inspiring guide to nurturing yourself. Nurturing
The Big Book of Less Discover play and pleasure in reframing Play
The World Comes to You The adventure of Buddhist re-framing. Hope
Life Is God's Best Gift A top-notch collection of 300 African proverbs. Meaning
Mama's Last Hug A convincing research-based summary of the emotional life of animals. Reverence
The Reckless Way of Love Wisdom from a zealous Christian. Love
Falter An environmental activists fears and hopes about the survival of the human species. Hope
The Most Important Point A remarkable collection of 60 dharma talks by a Zen master and cook. You
The World Could Be Otherwise A Buddhist teacher's suggestions for practicing the paramitas on our spiritual journey. Imagination
The Way of Forgiveness An inspiring collection of essays on forgiving self and others and receiving God's forgiveness. Forgiveness
The Art of Mindful Reading A delightful celebration of reading with plenty of practices for expanding and enriching the experience. You
Forest Bathing A naturopathic physician's recommendations for a revitalizing nature practice. Nurturing
Reflect Instructions from a mindfulness coach on how to have deeper experiences with the mundane and ordinary in our daily lives. Being Present
The Source of Self-Regard Wise observations on contemporary American life and the history that created it. Reverence
Can I Get a Witness? Profiles of men and women whose activism continues to inspire us. Faith