Book Reviews

Living in Wise Mind Mindfulness, observer, kindness, body, and other practices. Transformation
Finding True Refuge Guidance on how to find your inner sanctuary through truth, love, and awareness. Love
The Neurodharma of Love A guided training program on rewiring the brain for better relationships. Love
Walking the Walk Guidance for living with an open heart and mind every day. Openness
Perfect Just as You Are An in-depth study course on the key Buddhist practices of loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity. Compassion
Be Grateful to Everyone Definitive teachings on the Tibetan Buddhist mind-training slogans. Teachers
Staying Awake A superb audio learning course on being open to mysteries, inner treasures, and miracles. Attention
Divine Rebels A tribute to the saints and spiritual rebels of many traditions who showed us true change is possible. Teachers
Awakening Is Real Eight sessions with a master mindfulness teacher on the spiritual journey and its complications and rewards. Transformation
Meditations for Happiness Meditations and exercises designed to increase the brain's capacity for happiness and wellness. Joy
Stress-Proof Your Brain Useful insights and practical meditations for stress reduction. Nurturing
Smile at Fear A vision for befriending our fears and becoming fearless. Teachers
The Enlightened Brain A top-drawer, fresh resource on reshaping our brains for the using our brains for the greater good. Transformation
Creating a New Earth Teachings on overcoming the many obstacles to presence. Being Present
The Living Wisdom of Howard Thurman Seven hours of the Christian theologian Howard Thurman's broadcasts, sermons, and prayers. Devotion
The Dangerous Old Woman Daring and dramatic tales of old women as creative souls and visionaries. Imagination
Living Without Stress or Fear A Zen master explanation of the path from stress and fear to being at home in the peace of the present moment. Peace
The Jewel of Liberation Dharma talks about suffering and natural freedom. Transformation
What to Remember When Waking The poet and philosopher's questions that send us into the arms of meaning. Transformation
Taoist Sexual Secrets Practices for achieving a fuller, more vibrant expression of your sexual energy. Transformation