Book Reviews

Screening Room A gifted writer's memories of his birth family and his youth in Memphis. Meaning
Words without Music A rousing and fascinating memoir by one of America's preeminent composers. Imagination
Hear My Prayer Readings of the Psalms by poets, theologians, novelists, and others. Devotion
Finding Beauty in a Broken World An abridgment of a 2008 book on the meaning of beauty as discovered in three personal experiences. Beauty
Start Where You Are Insightful and innovative wisdom about cultivating compassion and softening the heart. Compassion
The Wise Heart A rich and multidimensional exploration of Buddhist psychology. Transformation
To Bless the Space Between Us A reverent and inspiring collection of blessings from the Irish poet and Celtic scholar. Gratitude
The Cloister Walk A spiritual memoir recounting the poet's experiences at a Benedictine monastery. Devotion
Beachcombing at Miramar A fine example of the spirituality of place. Being Present
Home Selections from four of Gunilla Norris's books on the spirituality of place. Attention
The Secret Path A passport to the rewards of interiority. Attention
The Faithful Gardener A parabolic story about the bounties of the natural world. Grace
The Soul's Code An abridgment of the psychologist's book on his acorn theory. You
The Way of Story Soulful interpretations of novels and short stories by a Jungian psychologist. Meaning
Christy A novel about an enthusiastic and idealistic female teacher. Kindness
The Jew in the Lotus An account of a historic rendezvous in 1990 between the Dalai Lama and eight Jewish spokespersons. Hospitality
Animals as Teachers and Healers Stories and testimonies to the insights and inspiration people have received from animals. Teachers
The Island of the Colorblind Insights into the complexities of the natural world, disease, and the search for humane ways to treat the sick. Wonder
Soul Search A highly sophisticated look at the idea of the survival of consciousness after death. Meaning
The Essential Kabbalah An edifying and inspiring survey of this mystical path. X-The Mystery