Book Reviews

Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul An offering of Celtic spirituality and intuition to heal our communities and world. Attention
For Every Little Thing An uplifting anthology that carries young readers through the day from waking to dreaming. Gratitude
Gurdjieff A groundbreaking offering of George Gurdjieff’s contemplative exercises, many previously unpublished. Attention
The Garden of Flowers and Weeds A generation-defining rendering of one of the great Zen Buddhist scriptures. Attention
Kuan Yin A gorgeously illustrated and inspired retelling of the Kuan Yin story from the perspective of her younger sister. Compassion
What Wants to Come Through Me Now Rumi’s translator finds similar spiritual abundance in the great Bengali poet and mystic of a century ago. Devotion
A Journey with Jonah Lessons from the story of Jonah and the Whale about recognizing grace in unexpected places. Listening
Peace Train A joyfully illustrated version of Cat Stevens' soul-stirring '70s song for a new generation. Peace
Three Zen Sutras A wisdom-filled small package that will be put to use in the lives of many who are on the Way. Attention
See No Stranger A fresh approach to what love is and how it works for anyone who needs hope. Justice
Mystical Courage Explanations and instructions on previously hidden spiritual exercises of George Gurdjieff. Connections
Sassy Sisters vs The Sock Monster A story of sisterly cooperation to solve a problem that has plagued humanity for as long as we've had clothes dryers. Imagination
The Beauty in Breaking An emergency room physician on the meaning in hurt and healing. Nurturing
Medicine Walk An outward and inward pilgrimage towards wisdom, understanding, and forgiveness. Questing
Moral Struggle and the Prophets Messages for living a moral life of prophetic urgency from one of the great Black theologians of the last century. Vision
The Darkness Divine A challenge to white-centric people to see the world and God in their beautiful blackness and brownness. Justice
Little Hours Eavesdropping on a relationship redolent with questions, companionship, and meaning. Connections
The Junior Astrologer's Handbook A caringly crafted guide to spiritual practices based on your natal chart. Meaning
Soul Therapy Encouragement for professional and lay therapists on providing soul care for clients, friends, family members, and the world at large. Listening
Against the Hounds of Hell A treasury of stories and information about one of the great Black spiritual leaders and theologians of the 20th century. Teachers