In this enchanting children's picture book, three curious and resourceful mice sneak into a museum housing the sculpture of Barbara Hepworth done in slate. With their eyes wide open and their senses on full alert, the three mice circle the sculpture pieces and marvel at the holes in them. One of them says: "The holes are like portholes on a boat."

Not satisfied to just passively experience the sculpture, the three mice take out paper and pencils to do drawings; a while later, they pull clay out of their packs and create their own sculpture pieces. Then, happy with what they have brought into the world, they play around with arranging them in groups.

Look! Look! Look! at Sculpture is a much-needed art appreciation book for children that encourages curiosity about shapes and forms and colors in addition to engendering creativity itself. Sculpture is a very tactile art and challenges us to use all of our senses as we encounter it. The author Nancy Elizabeth Wallace has teamed up with Linda K. Friedlaender (the Curator of Education at the Yale Center for British Art) to create this salutary book. They even include some suggestions for what readers can do to create paper shape sculptures.