Lump, a dachshund, lives in France with David, a photographer. Although comfortable, this dog is given a hard time by Big Dog who likes to gobble up his food. When David takes Lump along with him for a visit with Pablo Picasso, he feels very special. The little dog looks into the famous painter's eyes and sees that they are "as dark as a desert night, fierce as a bull's, and warm like the Spanish sun."

Picasso takes a fancy to Lump and renames him "Lumpito." He offers him fish to eat, strokes his stomach, gives him a special gift, makes him a rabbit out of paper, and takes him out for a private moon-watching ceremony.

It is easy to identify with this lucky dachshund who wants nothing more than to be loved and appreciated. At the photographer's home he plays second fiddle, at Picasso's he's number one! And as if the dog needed any proof of that, the artist included Lumpito in several of his paintings.

Lumpito and the Painter from Spain written by Monica Kulling and illustrated by Dean Griffiths, recommended for children ages 5 and over, is based on the true story of the great artist's adoration of Lumpito. This is a heart-warming story that is well told in words and images.