In 1998, the award-winning artist Michael Green teamed up with Coleman Barks on a devotional masterwork that brought together startling imagery with the free-verse renderings of Rumi's poetry. This sequel contains all new art by Michael Green plus his renditions of the Sufi seer's poetry. The material in this beautifully designed volume emphasizes Rumi's appeal to seekers of all stripes, or as he put it, "All religions, all this singing, are just one song." For centuries his spiritual poetry has enchanted, inspired, and delighted Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists alike.

To spice up the proceedings Green has added another medium to the mix: an accompanying CD that contains material from the thirteenth-century mystic wed with the American music of the Illumination Band. Green points out how natural this confluence is: "For seven centuries, musicians from the Middle East and India have been singing Rumi, each in their own tradition. The Illumination Band has joined this communion."