"There is no point in being literal about the condition of winter in the soul. It occurs whenever the tongue is heavy, the jaws are clenched, and the impulse to play is stifled. Even then, especially then, there is reason to cling to the promises of God and, perhaps in the quiet chambers of the heart, to sing of them," writes Martin Marty in this book, with photographs by Micah Marty. This collection of meditations is based on passages from the psalms. The 47 pairings of photographs and text can be read from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

Martin Marty shows how God provides refuge, aid, and refreshment in the midst of winter's furies. Micah Marty's crisp and evocative photographs of winter snow, ice, and cold provide a remarkable commentary on the poetic ways that this season clarifies, reveals, covers, and strengthens. These exquisite meditations of word and image embrace the senses, stir the spirit, and challenge us to savor God's presence in the rigors of winter.