”These remarkable pictures record the events of September 11th in a way that words cannot,” writes Marjorie Scardino in the frontispiece of this photography book. “They reveal the horrors and they exalt the heroes. They remind us that we are all involved in this tragedy and that the resilient spirit and the common purpose we saw on that day are the qualities that will see us through.”

Here are the now famous images of the Twin Towers burning, the mushroom clouds of smoke and debris following the collapses, and dust-coated civilians fleeing the scene. That horror is counterpointed with poignant pictures of grieving relatives holding up photographs of their missing loved ones. Another group of photographs captures the solemnity of the funerals and public ceremonies.

A portion of the sale of each book will go to two charities established by Reuters Foundation. AIDFund for America responds specifically to the human loss and suffering in the United States following September 11, and AIDFund provides funding to help charities and relief organizations around the globe respond rapidly in times of disaster.