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Spiritual Perspectives on September 11 A collection of reflections a year following 9/11.
Films about 9/11 Feature films and documentaries about the day and its aftermath, reviewed from a spiritual perspective.
About Rest in Peace Updates on the response to the poem "Rest in Peace," written by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat on September 11, 2001.
Ended a dream of peace Ended a dream of peace
The Anger Diet On understanding that anger is the number one terrorist we face in our every day living.
Traitor A thriller with many insights into terrorism and the agencies committed to stem the tide of violence.
A Prayer for Victims of the Terrorist Bombings at Istanbul Airport The shock of losing a loved one or a community member to a terrorist's bomb or gunfire is no small thing. And there are no safe places anymore – not movie theaters, dance clubs, churches, airports…
The Hope of Humanity Insights into how our own inner work is our best hope for the future.
Excerpts from the Screenplay for Of Gods and Men by Etienne Comar Excerpts from the screenplay of this feature film revealing the thinking of two of the monks in a monastery in Algeria who chose to continue their mission of service in the face of certain death by te…
Salt An impressive action-thriller that pulls out all the stops.