"I'm sure that people who glance at the photos on my wall, on my altar and desk, have no idea that they are seeing my Bible, my life's journal, my sourcebook of inspiration and comfort," writes Jan Phillips, author of Marry Your Muse and an award-winning photographer. In sixteen inspiring chapters, she writes about the process of taking pictures as "a step toward the light, an experience of the Holy, and an encounter with God who is at eye level."

There are many interesting and helpful books about photography as image and shadow, figure and ground, darkness and light. Phillips, who has traveled around the world as an activist for peace, reveals this craft as a worthy vehicle for the spiritual practices of attention, being present, wonder, compassion, openness, and reverence. She salutes some great image makers who have turned their cameras on the human family to reveal truths about life, including Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Ansel Adams, Margaret Bourke-White, and Laura Gilpin.

"One photograph can spark a revolution, thaw a frozen heart, inspire another's masterpiece," she writes. On these pages you will find much to stir your senses and your soul — quotations from great photographers and exercises to draw out your interest in this art form. The pictures by Jan Phillips are expressive of her spiritual sensitivity; they call out our imagination and stir our senses. The author has fulfilled the counsel of Karlene Faith who once said: "Find something you like to do. Learn to do it well, and do it in the service of the people."