Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz are the founders of a design firm. In this larky and playful book, they present photographs and commentary on 50 treasured companions that played a transitional role in childhood. Most of us had a stuffed animal or beloved object that helped us make it through the night, deal with our fears, and warm our hearts with feelings of comfort. Cheryl recalls Farfel, a terrier named after a character on a Nestle Quik commercial, and Jeffrey had Toppy, a pink plaid elephant sporting a beret who was named for the 1950's-era To Value stamp program.

On these pages you will find adorable photographs of children's companions along with little stories about them. The excerpt contains a sample of the memories accompanying these treasures. After reading this playful work, Fred took a trip down memory lane and remembered the many fine moments he had with his Roy Rogers doll, a trusty companion and playmate during his early years. Mary Ann recalled her brown teddy bear, who sits on a window sill now with some more recent Beany Baby friends. These objects cue us in to the important spiritual role of love and play in childhood.

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