By Jocelyn Ruffner in the KidSpirit Creation and Destruction issue.

The thing that most people
choose to ignore is the fact
that we are both

A flower in the never ending
fields and hills of time
Pulled up by the roots
In just one tug


We are also history.
We can change our lives
We can change others’
We have the power to shape the destiny
Of the world as we know it.

We are created for a purpose
For what purpose?
For no purpose?

The truth is I don’t know.

Maybe no one knows;
and the truth will forever be hidden

It is an endless loop
Of creation
And destruction.

The ever expanding vastness
Where you can be anything
And anyone

And still not have a purpose

You can be famous
And have books
and movies and
memoirs about
you you you

And still be nothing to anyone
or anything
Just a couple thousand years later

We are created

To be the victim,
Along with everyone else,

Of the expanding vastness
Of the never-ending loop
Of the anyone and anything

Of destruction.

And creation

We are nothing.

We are everything.

I am a grain in the desert of time
Swept away with the first breeze,
Into the symphony and chaos
Of the sands

I am the cosmos
I am never stoppable,
Never ending

I am walking, walking in the darkness
With no path to follow,
No light to guide me,
And only hope to lead the way

I am aeonin

I am the Once upon a time and
the The End
in the story of everything

I’m also just a rose on a bush
that is barely mentioned
except to be picked

I am everything

I am nothing

My purpose is to make my world better

My purpose have a purpose?

I am not sure i am not sure i am not sure someone tell me what this what is

There is no answer to that. There is no answer to life.

All I can tell you is

The thing that most people
choose to ignore is that
there is one truth that we must acknowledge

We are today we are tomorrow we are never and forever we are always and burned from history and and and

And we are creation

If we want to be

And we are also destruction

When we must be

When she wrote this poem, Jocelyn Ruffner was a 13-year-old from Yarmouth, Maine. Her hobbies cover a wide span, including reading, writing, complaining, photography, talking, soccer, pretending she’s a human, and debating. And, of course, causing general mass confusion in relation to her actions.

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