Great God, a new U.N. Report on the reality of climate change sounds an alarm about the devastating impact of global warming on all dimensions of our lives and lifestyle.

Report & Polls: This week a United Nations panel released a three-volume report on climate change based on 12,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies. Global warming is already having dire effects on food supplies, plants, and animals. Mass extinctions are already underway. Wars over resources are on the horizon. In 2013, only 34% of Americans felt climate change should be a priority of the U.S. Congress. Even more shocking from the same study found that 26% of Americans think there is no solid evidence that the Earth has gotten warmer over the past two decades. (Pew Research Center)

Dear Ageless One, please touch our minds and hearts with the facts about climate change. Encourage us to act before we destroy the Earth you created. Help us to change our ways so that poor people, animals, and plants may not become collateral damage of climatic changes.

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