God Who Breaks Chains, we pray for all animals who suffer and feel pain because so many humans have never bothered to consider the question of animal rights. Help us to see that these creatures have a value separate from their usefulness to humans. And let us be more attentive and empathetic to their pleasure, fear, frustration, loneliness, parental love, and grief.

REPORT: 32% of Americans think that animals should have the same protection from exploitation and harm as people, up from 25% in 2008. 62% think animals should have some rights. (Gallup Poll)

Wise and Faithful Guide, forgive us our lack of interest in the suffering of animals and the cruelty they have experienced at our hands in laboratories, cages, tanks, and factory farms. We lament the grief caused when animals are separated from their communities. We grieve the deaths of animals due to hunting them for sport. Give us the wisdom and the courage to stand up for the rights of animals. May we treat our fellow creatures with respect and reverence.

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