Hindu Wisdom

Life consists of these little things, and it is by putting other people first every day in a thousand little acts of kindness that we make ourselves perfect in love.
— Eknath Easwaran in Like a Thousand Suns


Easy does it.
Help is on the way.
I've got your back.
Grow through what you go through.
— Frederic Brussat on Twitter


When a proud mother once announced to Mullah Nasruddin: "My son has finished his studies," Nasruddin replied, "No doubt God will send him more."
— Sufi story

Literary Wisdom

The hardest thing in America is to be what one is softly.
— Leon Wieseltier, American critic and magazine editor


God speaks to those who are silent enough to listen.
— African proverb from Life Is God's Best Gift edited by Sam Chege


There is only one river, and we are all in it. Wave your arms, and the ripples will eventually reach me.
— Scott Russell Sanders in Writing from the Center

Mystic Wisdom

The world is full of God.
— Saint Angela of Foligno

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