Sam Chege was born and raised in Kenya. In his thirties, he immigrated to the United States where he has lived for more than 20 years. He is an associate professor of journalism and mass communications at Kansas State University and lives in Manhattan, Kansas.

Chege describes how his poor family in Africa lived a simple life of sharing and caring. He learned to have great respect for his grandparents and other elders in the small village:

"In Africa we have a saying that one who is raised by grandparents knows deep culture. Grandparents are the repositories of culture and history. Storytelling is a form of oral tradition that allows one generation to pass on knowledge and wisdom to the next generation."

This very fine hardcover contains more than 300 proverbs from various countries across Africa. They are organized in six sections covering important dimensions of private and public life: Aligning with Your Life's Purpose, Embracing Yourself, Awareness of the World Around You, Gifting Yourself to Others, Your Sense of Passion, and A Love of Knowing. Here is a sampler:

  • "The poorest person is not
    the one without money but
    one without vision."
    — Ghana
  • "He who looks for honey
    must have the courage
    to face the bees."
    — Seychelles
  • "If you don't know where
    you are going, any road
    will take you there."
    — Uganda
  • "A powerful leader adorns
    his followers."
    — Ivory Coast and Togo
  • "A lie can destroy a
    thousand truths."
    — Ghana