Christian Wisdom

"Help" is a prayer that is always answered. It doesn't matter how you pray -- with your head bowed in silence, crying out in grief, or dancing. Churches are good for prayer, but so are garages and cars and mountains and showers and dance floors.
— Anne Lamott in Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

Self-Help Wisdom

Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-brake on.
— Maxwell Maltz, American surgeon

Buddhist Wisdom

To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be constantly thrown out of the nest. To live fully is to be always in no-man's-land, to experience each moment as completely new and fresh.
— Pema Chodron in When Things Fall Apart

Movie Lines

People have forgotten what life is all about. . . . They need to be reminded about what they have and what they can lose. What I feel is the joy of life, the gift of life, the freedom of life, the wonderment of life.
— Leonard to Dr. Sayer in Awakenings


Hope of the dawn
Joy of the day
Peace of the night
Renew us we pray
— Theresa Mary Grass in Pocket Prayers

Zen Wisdom

When our plans crumble and there seems to be nothing left, it is only by completely surrendering to what is that we can realize that what is left is more than enough.
— Ezra Bayda in Saying Yes to Life


May truth and justice
guide our acts
and compassion
temper our lives.,
— Marcia Falk in The Book of Blessings

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