Catholic Wisdom

The rosary is a bodily prayer, a prayer of touch.
Our hands touch God when our fingers touch the beads.
— Christine Lore Weber in Praying the Body and Soul by Jane Vennard

Native American Wisdom

Simplicity can be understood in one way as the refusal to dissipate. It is holding out against fragmentation. Simplicity holds the center against the impulse to go off in all directions, scattering your energy as you go.
— Jose Hobday in Simple Living

African Wisdom

A sacred life is a ritualized life, that is, one that draws constantly from the realm of the spiritual to handle even the smallest situation.
— Malidoma Patrice Some in Ritual: Power, Healing, and Community

Spiritual Wisdom

Each of us possesses an exquisite, extraordinary gift: the opportunity to give expression to Divinity on earth through our everyday life. When we choose to honor this priceless gift, we participate in the re-creation of the world.
— Sarah Ban Breathnach in Simple Abundance

Anglican Wisdom

Hanging laundry on the line offers you the chance to fly prayer flags disguised as bath towels and underwear.
— Barbara Taylor Brown in An Altar in the World


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