Native American Wisdom

On receiving a letter, I often pause before opening it and ask that I will be open to the one sending it and to any message God might be addressing to me.
— Jose Hobday in Stories of Awe and Abundance

Jewish Wisdom

Holiness should be built on a foundation of the everyday and mundane.
— Rav Kook in The Busy Soul by Terry Bookman

Teacher Wisdom

Maybe one function of love is to cure us of an anemic imagination, a life emptied of romantic attachment and abandoned to reason.
— Thomas Moore in Care of the Soul

Literary Wisdom

We must not deprive ourselves, our loved ones, of the luxury of our extravagant affections.
— Mary Gordon in Final Payments

Confucian Wisdom

If you meet a noble man, try to equal him. When you see an evil one, examine yourself thoroughly.
— Confucius quoted in Awakening to the Sacred by Lama Surya Das

Protestant Wisdom

We are also the enemy strangers that others are struggling to welcome in their own right.
— Caroline A. Westerhoff in Good Fences


Thank you for our opportunities
to make things right,
to make life good,
to be your presence
in the world.
— Chris Glaser in Prayers for the New Social Awakening

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