Jane E. Vennard is a United Church of Christ pastor who teaches at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver. She has written this book for Christians in hopes it will "stir your own longings for God, encourage the process of your own searching, and deepen your spirituality." The theme is bringing all of oneself into the relationship with God — i.e., praying with body and soul.

Vennard begins with ways our bodies can teach us to pray — through breath, the movement of liturgical dance, and fasting. We can draw closer to the Holy One through the senses by singing hymns or fingering prayer beads. Another facet of devotion that we usually never consider is inviting God into playful moments. Praying with our imaginations can include savoring our dreams or expanding our repertoire of images of the Most High. Some of the most exciting and fulfilling avenues of prayer are through service of others, working for justice, and caring for the earth. Vennard closes with a salute to the adventure of praying together as the Body of Christ in community.