Catholic Wisdom

Love seeks one thing only, the good of the loved one. It leaves all the secondary effects to take care of themselves. Love, therefore, is its own reward.
— Thomas Merton in Whispers of God’s Love by Mitch Finley

Artistic Wisdom

The revival of interest in sacred objects, charms, and healing places is a return to ancient ways of treating problems of soul through imaginative expression.
— Shaun McNiff in Earth Angels

Spiritual Wisdom

If one becomes utterly still, the earth will speak in a language that can be understood.
— Ann Linnea in Deep Water Passage

Buddhist Wisdom

Compassion is like sunlight, awakening and bringing joy to beings. Its beauty is like a rainbow, lifting the hearts of all who see it.
— Tarthang Tulku in Joy, No Matter What by Carolyn Hobbs


Rigid justice is the greatest injustice.
— Thomas Fuller in Gnomologia

Philosophical Wisdom

Knowledge is now global. This means that, also for the first time, the sum total of human knowledge is available to us — the knowledge, experience, wisdom, and reflection of all major human civilizations — premodern, modern and postmodern — are open to study by anyone.
— Ken Wilber in The Integral Vision

Jewish Wisdom

Tell yourself over and over, I am one part of the consciousness of the universe, a manifestation of the Unity of All Being.
— Michael Lerner in Spirit Matters

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