For the last eight months, Michael Grant has walked the streets of Philadelphia dressed as Jesus Christ. He has picked up the nickname "Philly Jesus," writes Mark Makela in this Reuters article.

When asked, Grant emphasizes that he is not trying to convert anyone but just to "portray Jesus and bring awareness to him."

Years ago, this young man was a homeless heroin user who hit bottom and found Jesus to be his rock. He sees his daily trek through the city as "a visual ministry" drawing upon his experiences in high school musical productions.

People start out staring at him but often then come up to him and hug him or give him high fives. Sometimes Grant prays with them; other times he shares his playful side such as when Philly Jesus went ice skating.

Traditional Christianity has looked up to Christ as the perfect human being and the Son of God. In Progressive Christian Spirituality, we are called to be Jesus every day of our lives; all of us are sons and daughters of God meant to be of service to each other and our communities. Jesus models the path of transformation that enables us to live in the world in a new way.

We commend Michael Grant for reminding us to be Jesus in our daily activities and to do so with love, compassion, kindness, playfulness, and peace.

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