HarperOne in San Francisco has launched HarperElixir aimed at the audience of seekers who make up the second largest and fastest growing spiritual category in the United States. As Antonia Blumberg of Huffpost Religion points out, this publishing company joins the ranks of Hay House and Harmony Books who for years have catered to the "mind, body, spirit" audience. Claudia Boutote, senior vice president and publisher at HarperElexir, states that they will be targeting readers who occupy the turf "where hippie meets hipster." These are the modern seekers who are "spiritual and magical and passionate and curious and they want to answer the call to go deeper."

One thing they have gotten right is the perception that the seeker audience comprises people whose spirituality is broad with many different interests and practices. That is why HarperElixir will cover everything from yoga to happiness, coaching to astrology, and healing to tarot cards. We affirm this wide-ranging approach for seekers and those often steering their spiritual path through more than one religion. Check out our Spiritual Practice Toolkit with links to more than 260 practices for this audience.

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