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An Invitation to Christian Yoga 25 exercises from hatha yoga along with ways to see them as body prayers.
Momfulness Denise Roy on the importance of smiling in everything we do.
Yoga is restraining the activites of the mind Yoga is restraining the activites of the mind
Sacred Jewels of Yoga An anthology of 166 passages from India on the spiritual path of yoga.
The Yoga of Spiritual Devotion Examines this path which focuses on the relationship of the soul to God.
Yoga An overview of the physical and spiritual dimensions of this ancient practice.
365 Yoga Brings together wisdom from Hindu, Buddhist, and other spiritual teachers for each day of the year.
Samadhi Lectures on fear, attachment, and the nature of the mind.
Yoga Gems An illuminating collection of spiritual and psychological insights.
Tibetan Dream Yoga Shares the insights and techniques of Tibetan Dream Yoga.