Altars and the Connection to Spirit

"In the fast pace of today's world there is a growing need to reconnect to the sacred elements of life. An altar can fulfill this need though being a powerful visible representation of the spiritual energy that surrounds and sustains us. It serves as a kind of reminder of our connection to spiritual realms. Creating and using an altar can be an effective means of forging a connection to higher powers. A home shrine can be a gateway between the seen and unseen realms which can connect us to the rhythms of nature and the universe. This can help infuse the most ordinary aspects of life with a divine sense of meaning. The physical form of an altar reminds us of the importance of honoring the hallowed places within ourselves; it is also a focus for prayers to the spiritual forces that shape our lives.

"An altar dedicated to increasing your spiritual awareness can become an energetic point of convergence for symbols that propel the human spirit forward. It can bring a remarkable grace and beauty into your life. This type of altar can be used in three ways. It can be used as a place to pray and ask for divine guidance, a place to listen to messages from the spiritual realm and a place to give thanks for blessings received."

Prayer and Devotion

"The ancient and universal function of altars as places of worship and devotion can offer a much-needed dimension to modern life regardless of religious affiliation. It can help refuel spiritual reserves by linking personal hopes and beliefs to a higher context. Using a home altar for prayers can help instill a feeling that we are not alone; it can function as a reminder that there are beings in the realm of spirit close by, waiting to assist us. In this way the altar serves as it did in former times, evoking in us the awareness that the prosaic reality of everyday life is actually filled with wonder and magic. It can be a great comfort knowing that we don't have to do it all alone — we don't have to make every life decision on our own — because there are loving spiritual beings waiting to guide and protect us. This can provide the courage we need to face obstacles which might otherwise seem too daunting to confront and overcome."


"The altar is not only a place of supplication and prayer; it is also a place for listening to our own intuition. The art of listening can be as profound as worship. An altar can provide a visible focus point where you can quiet your thoughts and listen to messages from your own inner knowing as well as from the spiritual realm. When we think of asking for help from the Creator in our lives, we sometimes forget that an important part of prayer is just being still and listening for answers. The altar is an excellent place to tune in to the messages which are sent to us. Sometimes we pray for answers and help, and then, when they are sent, we are too busy to notice. Taking the time simply to wait with an attitude of receptivity is one of the most direct and powerful ways we can connect to the Divine and receive the answers we seek. An altar can provide a valuable and sacred place to do this."

Giving Thanks

"Another important function of the personal Spirit Altar is that it gives us a place where we can go to give thanks. Prayers of gratitude were among the most common and central functions of ancient altars. Appreciation for the bounty and blessings in life is one of the most effective ways of increasing these qualities. Being grateful for the goodness in your life creates a kind of magnetic attraction for even more blessings to come your way. Gratitude helps you be receptive to the life force of the universe.

"Placing on an altar symbols that represent things for which you are appreciative increases your connection to your spiritual realm. The more thankful you are to the Creator, the more you will have to be thankful for. The altar reminds us of this truth. If you don't express your gratitude, you lessen your life force. Being appreciative empowers and strengthens you, and an altar can help crystallize your thoughts toward gratitude, thus connecting you more deeply to spirit."