Denise Linn has researched spiritual practices from cultures throughout the world for 30 years. In this beautifully illustrated and eminently practical resource, she presents her ideas on the creation and use of home altars. They can be a private place and sacred space for prayer, meditation, listening to your inner voice, giving thanks, convening with the Divine, being still, or doing inner work. The altar placement, size, and structure is a matter of personal philosophy or need. Linn presents a smorgasbord of ideas on altar objects — natural rocks, polished stones and gems, shells, feathers, plants and flowers, herbs, animal symbols, religious icons, ancient deities, colors, candles, numbers, photographs, special gifts, and ancestral items.

Throughout the book, the author demonstrates how your home, garden, or office can be enhanced by altars for Spirit, healing, manifestation, life transitions, completion, memorials, or special occasions. Linn's inimitable cross-cultural perspective comes to the fore in an eight-page appendix where she explains the meanings of altar objects.