"Blessing Ceremony for the Generational Tree

"Decide where the tree will be planted, taking into consideration soil conditions, sun, space for growth, and impact on the environment. Make sure that you have prepared the soil before your ceremony. Choose an auspicious day for the planting, such as an equinox or solstice or someone's birthday. Have an appointed time for the gathering for the tree-planting ceremony.

"Stand in a circle around where the tree will be planted. The person who initiated the planting speaks about the purpose of the tree and makes a dedication such as:

"I dedicate this tree to our descendants and to the future generations that follow. May you help contribute to a future that is filled with trees and flowers and joy for all living beings. May the Creator who dwells in all things fill you with love and light and peace. May you provide shade, beauty, and healing for all who come in contact with you.

"All those in the circle then place a handful of soil near the base of the tree, adding their blessings. To complete the dedication, have the youngest member of the gathering water the tree, saying:

"May the waters of life nurture you, and may you grow in strength and harmony. You are loved.

"A tree planted in this fashion will radiate a much stronger life force throughout its entire life than a tree planted randomly or haphazardly."