"When I travel I take along a 'traveling puja' — a small picture, a silk scarf to adorn the night table of the Motel 6, plus a stick of incense to chase away the aromas and the distracting energy vibrations of the people who have worried there before I entered. These accoutrements are often enough to re-establish the mood of sacred remembrance that I have in my home. I also bring along a thin cotton prayer shawl — indistinguishable from a large head scarf. Like the veils worn by nuns or Islamic women, I use this shawl to cover my head and to create a natural means of sheltering my eyes from wandering. Instead, this shawl serves like my cotton chapel. I envelop myself in it. . . . With these simple props I have established a means of remembrance for myself no matter where I go."

To Practice: Create a portable devotional chapel to take with you on your next trip.