"1. What furthers life is whatever ministers to the integrity of human life in people and communities.

"2. What furthers life is whatever ministers to the integration of individual life into the life of the community, and the life of the human community into the warp and weft of all living things on earth.

"3. What furthers life is whatever spreads reverence for life and the affirmation of life through love for life.

"4. What furthers life is whatever heals broken relationships and liberates life that has been oppressed.

"5. What furthers life is whatever leads to the new beginning of life in hope.

"6. What furthers life is whatever ministers to God's covenant with life, and whatever breaks the covenant of human beings with death.

"7. What furthers life is, first and last, whatever makes Christ present, Christ who is the resurrection and the life in person; for in and with Christ the kingdom of eternal life is present, and this kingdom overcomes the destructive powers of death.

"8. But life from the divine source of life does not just mean full human life; it means 'deified' life too, the life Paul and Athanasius saw in the children of God — in the sonship and daughterhood of those 'driven' by God's Spirit (Rom. 8:14). This driving power, this leaven of the Spirit, is to be found not in the Spirit's eternal essential nature but in his energies. As I see it, these are not the 'uncreated energies' about which Orthodox tradition speaks, nor are they the 'created energies' with which Western mediaeval tradition was concerned. They are the creative energies of the Spirit in which the uncreated and the created are bonded, and which renew human life from its foundations, making it immortal in the eternal fellowship of God."