An excerpt from Jewish Spirituality: A Brief Introduction for Christians by Lawrence Kushner
Rabbi Lawrence Kushner explains the essence of Jewish spirituality to Christians in this book. Here is a passage on the spiritual practice of attention.

"Judaism has a unique way of remembering to pay attention. It is called berachah, or a blessing. It begins, Baruch atah Adonai, 'Holy One of blessing,' Elohenu melech ha'olam, 'Your presence fills creation.' Then we add words appropriate for the occasion, like 'who brings forth bread from the earth,' or 'who removes sleep from my eyes and slumber from my eyelids,' or 'who spreads the shelter of peace over us.'

"Each time Jews recite a blessing, they are effectively saying, 'Pay attention. Something awesome is happening all around us.' In this way, they realize again and again that our everyday world conceals wonders and mysteries."