An Excerpt from Growing God: A Guide for Spiritual Gardeners by Kerry Walters

Kerry Walter’s book on the art of growing the Godseed within us contains the following passage on joy.

“The excellence of growing into God and arriving at full being, then, brings a thirtyfold return of joy. The exhilarated urge to draw others into that same excellence increases the joy sixtyfold. Nor does the joy stop there. We’re promised that cultivating the garden will bring us a hundredfold measure of happiness. And so it does, for in reaching our own destiny, our own excellence, God reaches his as well. God’s prospering is mysteriously linked to ours. When we come into our own, so does he. What greater joy can there conceivably be than knowing that our grateful acceptance of the divine gift of being also gifts God with fulfillment? The joy of dwelling in the garden isn’t ours alone. It’s also God’s.”