"A disciple asked his guru, 'How am I to attain peace when there is so much noise around this village? Every time I try to meditate, there's a rooster crowing or child crying or a dog barking. I can't concentrate on my prayers.' The guru said nothing, but took the man by the hand and led him to the forest. They walked for some time until they came across a small pool. It was a windy day, and the surface of the pond had become choppy. 'What do you see in the pool?' the guru asked. 'It is troubled,' replied the disciple. His master then bid him dive into the pool, to the bottom. When he emerged from the water, his master asked him again what he saw in the pool. 'It is still and deep,' the man answered. 'So then,' said the master, 'you must learn how to pray from the water.' "