"The gate to destruction is wide; the gate to life is narrow. Many enter through the gate of destruction; few even find the narrow gate to life. Nonetheless, enter through the narrow gate!

"Here Jesus sums up the history of the world and the doorway to salvation. The whole world gives in to destruction; few take the path to life. Yet, following the command of Deuteronomy (see 30:19-20), Jesus urges us to choose life!

"What does Jesus mean by destruction? Death. What leads to massive death? War. Every country in the history of the world has organized and legalized systematic, mass murder; that is, war. The twentieth century witnessed world wars, genocidal wars, atomic blasts, concentration camps, carpet bombings, chemical attacks, and targeted missile explosions. Thousands of wars have been waged throughout history — and continue to be waged in points all over the globe at this very moment. On top of this destructive insanity, our nuclear arsenals and their radioactive toxins continue to threaten global destruction.

"Why is it that most people support war? Why do people give in to the patriotic, nationalistic fervor behind militarism and support the slaughter of fellow human beings? Why do people choose destruction instead of life?

"It is not just the lure of wealth that leads multinational corporations and generals to make war. It is not just the desire to test weapons of mass destruction that we have created. It is not just the deep-seated fear we have of our opponents. Rather, we choose destruction instead of life because we are faithless. We do not believe in the living God. We do not worship the God of nonviolence, the God of peace, the God of Life. Instead we worship the idols of death and place our faith, hope, trust, and security in our weapons. And because of this, we follow them down the wide road to destruction."