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Joan Chittister Joan Chittister on the devastation of war and the need for peace.
Top Secret! Serves up a veritable smorgasbord of comic bits.
Martin Luther King, Jr. in The Questions of Jesus Peace is the presence of justice
In Love and War A cautionary tale about the dangers of romantic infatutation.
Imagine a World Sarah Klassan's poem on waging peace.
The Statement A serious drama based on a novel by Brian Moore that explores crimes against humanity, the activities of a right-wing organization in the Catholic Church, and forgiveness.
Whose Gospel? James A. Forbes, Jr. on the immorality and illegality of war.
Yanks Charts the difficulties of wartime love affairs.
Stop the Next War Now Why peace must be proclaimed and enacted as an alternative to war.
Hamburger Hill Serves as a grim reminder of what it was like for young men to live and die in the war in Vietnam.