The Cardinal Virtues

"From the Latin word for 'hinge' (cardine), these are the four virtues on which our ability to lead a solid, Christian lives hinges.

"Prudence: The practical "know-how" that helps you apply all the Christian virtues to the specific circumstances of your everyday life, helping you to avoid things that are harmful to your physical, psychological, or spiritual being and causing you to embrace those things that are good.

"Justice: Your desire to help others achieve all that God wants them to have, your willingness to stand up for what is rightfully yours, and your personal commitment to work for the common good of your family, church, and community.

"Temperance: Your ability to enjoy good things without letting them become a distraction or obsession.

"Courage (also known as fortitude): Your willingness to live Christian virtues even when doing so causes you to risk personal discomfort, fear, or rejection or persecution from others. Courage and fortitude represent the drive and desire to become your authentic self, no matter how difficult the journey may be."