"In physics, string theory suggests that there are more than four dimensions, perhaps ten in all. These extra dimensions are curled up into a very small space, big enough only for subatomic particles, or tiny loops of vibrating 'string.' The theory does not rule out more dimensions, perhaps in the area of time. These dimensions, here but not here, exist outside our range of perception.

Adding butterflies to your life is like adding another dimension. The air trembles with the movement of wings. The approach of the White Admiral. The aerial dance of sulphurs. A Painted Lady. A Black Satyr. All this existed before, has always existed, but you were unaware. You didn't see. At various times and places, in winter, or on a busy street, the air is still and butterflies are impossible. Yet their presence remains, like one of those other ten dimensions. You've added this to your life. . . .

"We are storytelling animals. We add a story. We add a thousand and one.

"A single butterfly is a vain woman, a geisha, a fickle lover.
Two butterflies mean marital happiness.
Four butterflies are bad luck.
Red butterflies are witches.
The butterfly is the Creator who flew over the world searching for a place where humans could live.
At night, butterflies bring us dreams
Rice has a butterfly soul.
Butterflies came from the tears of the Virgin Mary.
A butterfly will show you your true love.
Migrating sulphurs are pilgrims on their way to Mecca.
Butterflies are hu dieh, stemless flowers.
Butterflies are the souls of children.
Butterflies steal butter.
A dye of butterfly wings will make your pubic hair grow strong.
The spirit of the butterfly is in a Hopi kachina.
A black butterfly means death.
Hordes of butterflies predict famine.
White butterflies mean a rainy summer.
Butterflies bring the spring.
A man in love has butterflies in his belly.
Butterflies are stray, familiar thoughts.
Butterflies are air and angels."